Medica Kosova non-governmental organization (NGO)

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Medica Kosova non-governmental organization (NGO)

“Medica Kosova” is established in Aug 1999 and registered as a local NGO since Oct 2003 for improving mental and physical situation of women affected by war and post-war violence. The support consists of psychosocial counseling, legal assistance, provision of agricultural and bee-keeping activities for increasing family incomes, medical care in the center ambulance and the mobile unit traveling to the villages of Dukagjini Region. To this end, the organization implemented over 30 projects providing social and rehabilitation services, reproductive health care, women’s access to properties and other legal rights, and since 2011 access to justice and documentation of war rape.

Our Commitment

MEDICA KOSOVA is a NGO that offers interdisciplinary psychosocial, medical and legal services as well as income generating programs for improving the living conditions of war and post-war traumatized women and girls and those with special needs. Medica Kosova plays an important role in shaping gender policy at the local and national level in Kosova and supports research based on its expertise in the field of trauma and the impact of trauma on womens wellbeing. The goal of the organization is to improve the health situation and living conditions of Kosovar women traumatized by war and post-war violence, with special support from women who experienced sexualized violence during the war regardless of their ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. Reducing the symptoms of trauma will enable women to integrate into society.



Our work is based on respect of personal resources of women and girls, inner values and strengths. Women and girls are supported to identify their values and strengthen personal resources for overcoming the stigma related to sexual and gender based violence, challenge cultural and patriarcal hieararchies in reducing barriers to gender equality.

The organization’s mission is improvement of physical, mental health and living conditions of Kosovar women traumatized as a result of experiencing all kinds of violence during and after the war, with special focus on assisting women and girls with hard traumatic symptoms of sexualized violence, regardless from their nationality, religion and sexual orientation. Reduction of symptoms will enable integration of these women in the society.

We provide services that aim at personal empowerment of women and girls who experienced sexual and gender based violence during and after the war for restoring their dignity and increasing their social and political participation in the society. Empowerment programs include rehabilitiation through psycho-social counselling and support for imporving their mental health situation; primary medical care through gynological services and education; legal counselling and concrete aid for achieving their property and other legal rights; capacity building and education on gender equality and public participation; development of income generating activities in sector of agriculture and proffesional and political lobby for influencing public policies in improving the situation of survivors and victims of war and post-war violence.

Medica Kosova non-governmental organization (NGO)