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Medica Kosova women beneficiaries listen first hand to the opportunities of applying for agricultural subsidies

In continuation of cooperation with the Department for Agriculture and Rural Development in Gjakova Municipality, Medica Kosova organized a meeting between the Director of this Department Mr. Bekim Ermeni and a number...Read More

Women's rights activists from Finland organize fundraising for Medica Kosova

16.03.2017, Helsinki

After visiting Medica Kosova and realizing the sensitive work with the survivors of sexual violence during the war, and the funding cutting down for Kosovo during last year, four st...Read More

Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare certifies Medica Kosova for social service delivery

Since 1999 when most of the population in Kosovo needed recovery from the consequences of war, Medica Kosova developed a wide range of social service delivery for the war traumatized women and girls as a result of exp...Read More

Municipality of Gjakova receives the Dairy Plant delivered by Medica Kosova

Medica Kosova as an implementing organization and the owner of the Dairy Plant constructed in the village of Brekoc, officially delivered it to Municipality of Gjakova on 01 December 2016 to offer it for use and funct...Read More

Fighting for Kosovo war rape victims: "Women never prioritized"

In March 2014, there was great relief among survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo. After many years of struggle, they finally had received the same rights to compensation as war veterans. Two y...Read More

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