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No Justice - No Peace Impunity, Gendered Crimes and Consequences

Seminar with World Women's Rights Activists in Stockholm, Sweden

Impunity is a large obstacle to achieving peace and stability in the world today. It is a global problem and in the short term, the doctrine o...Read More

President of Kosova visits Medica Kosova upon taking over her mandate

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga visited the association “Medica Kosovo” in Gjakova, where she, with the leaders and members of this association held a long conversation, getti...Read More

Visit of Parliamentarian Women in Medica Kosova

Group of women from Kosovo Parliament and the assembly of women in Gjakova Municipality visited Medica Kosova. They were received by the Executive Director Mrs.Veprore Shehu and staff. They met elderly women as b...Read More

Ismail Kadare quotes Veprore Shehu in his book "About crimes in the Balkans; Grim correspondence"

There is an estimation of approximately 20,000 women and girls raped during the war, often in the eyes of the family. According to Kosovo Albanian humanist, Veprore Shehu, who complained a few we...Read More

At least 3 International charges of war crimes should have been launched against Serbia till now - Interview with Veprore Shehu
...Read More

“Medica Kosova” is established in Aug 1999 and registered as a local NGO since Oct 2003 for improving mental and physical situation of women affected by war and post-war violence. The support consists of psychosocial counseling, legal assistance, provision of agricultural and bee-keeping activities for increasing family incomes, medical care in the center ambulance and the mobile unit traveling to the villages of Dukagjini Region. To this end, the organization implemented over 30 projects providing social and rehabilitation services, reproductive health care, women’s access to properties and other legal rights, and since 2011 access to justice and documentation of war rape.

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