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Closing of the 16 day campaign includes rape of women during the war

In the frame of finalizing the 16 days of activism against violence against women, the documentary "Mission rape - Tool of war" was screened in Gjakova by the Coordination Mechanism Against Domestic Violence...Read More

Veprore Shehu delivers the price for the best campaign for Fides Awards

At Hotel Emerald, in Pristina, the Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ), for the seventh time organized the ceremony of FIDES Award in 2015 and celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding in the presence of &nbs...Read More

"Who is Medica Kosova?" - by Balkan Perspectives

Forum Civil Peace Service (ZFD) published the magazine "Balkan Perspectives" about dealing with the past where expertise of Medica Kosova in this field occupies an important place in the publication. Read More

Screening of the campaign documentary "Thinking of You"

The campaign "Thinking of You" got finalized through artistic installation with exposing of over 5000 dresses in the stadium of Pristina and the documentary broadcasted in Square 21 with the presence of the ...Read More

Debating Sexual Violence in Conflict in DokuFest

On Friday (August 14), inside the beautiful old Hamam Museum in Prizren, a debate took place on a tough but important topic: sexual violence in conflict.

Moderated by Kosovo Women’s Network’s Igb...Read More

“Medica Kosova” is established in Aug 1999 and registered as a local NGO since Oct 2003 for improving mental and physical situation of women affected by war and post-war violence. The support consists of psychosocial counseling, legal assistance, provision of agricultural and bee-keeping activities for increasing family incomes, medical care in the center ambulance and the mobile unit traveling to the villages of Dukagjini Region. To this end, the organization implemented over 30 projects providing social and rehabilitation services, reproductive health care, women’s access to properties and other legal rights, and since 2011 access to justice and documentation of war rape.

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