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Our vision and Mission

Women survivors of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) during and after the war have their dignity restored, their living quality improved and are fully integrated into social, economic and public life in Kosovo.

The organization’s mission is improvement of physical, mental health and living conditions of Kosovar women traumatized as a result of experiencing all kinds of violence during and after the war, with special focus on assisting women and girls with hard traumatic symptoms of sexualized violence, regardless from their nationality, religion and sexual orientation. Reduction of symptoms will enable integration of these women in the society.

The goal of the project will be achieved through following activities:

  • a) Psychosocial support through individual and group counseling offered in the center and villages of Gjakova municipality toward the integration of traumatic experience.
  • b) Primary health care through health education and complete gynecological visits with psychosomatic approach in the center and field offered to women and girls from Gjakova municipality in the stationary and mobile ambulance.
  • c) Promotion and de-facto realization of human and legal rights of women through direct individual and group legal counseling in the center and villages as well as the representation at Court and other relevant institutions.
  • d) Development of income-generating and business projects aiming to improve social status of women and trauma integration through work.
  • e) Development of public relation activities, political and professional lobby and sensibilization campaigns toward awareness raising of public opinion about hard position of Kosovar women especially those directly affected by war.
  • f) Cooperation and networking with women’s groups and peace initiatives in and outside Kosova