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Medica Kosova Executive Director meets Major General Salvatore Cuoci to discuss opportunities of cooperation with KFOR

The Executive Director of Medica Kosova Mrs. Veprore Shehu held a meeting with Major General of KFOR, Salvatore Cuoci to talk about the various possibilities of cooperation with the KFOR mission in Kosovo.

Major General Cuoci is willing to provide technical and logistic support in the development of various initiatives aiming at improving the situation of women survivors of sexual violence.

Medica Kosova appreciates readiness of Major General Salvatore Cuoci to cooperate with the organization for the benefit of women who are actually receiving rehabilitation services in the center.

“Medica Kosova” is established in Aug 1999 and registered as a local NGO since Oct 2003 for improving mental and physical situation of women affected by war and post-war violence. The support consists of psychosocial counseling, legal assistance, provision of agricultural and bee-keeping activities for increasing family incomes, medical care in the center ambulance and the mobile unit traveling to the villages of Dukagjini Region. To this end, the organization implemented over 30 projects providing social and rehabilitation services, reproductive health care, women’s access to properties and other legal rights, and since 2011 access to justice and documentation of war rape.

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